Friday, January 05, 2007

Red Baron and his pal, Babe (the blue Pig)

So when I went to hobby Lobby the other day for lining for my Weekender bag, I, of course, checked out some of the buttons (yes, it is a problem and no I am not in denial. I CAN quit anytime I want). I went to peruse the tubes o' buttons and I spotted the best button. At the top of the tube all nice and shiny was a white button with a red plane and the words "Red Baron" embellished on it. I snatched it up right then and there. Looked over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't followed and ran full out to the cash register. Once home I discovered even more buttons to my greatest delight that were hidden among the plethora of black buttons used as filler. Some I have taken pictures of some I have not. But all will be used! How can such a small object bring such giddiness!
oh and check out my lining fabric too.


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