Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Month of the Weekender!

In Feb there will be a joint Miller/Krisher Family cruise and if you have never been on a cruise. It goes like this. You board around noon and don't get your luggage till shortly before dinner. So I am making my weekender, finally, so I will have fresh clothes to wear on board. Garrett and I are driving from Atlanta to Valdosta to Miami, picking up his folks in Valdosta. With that long of a drive, I will want to at least change. So I am very excited but I see what everyone else is complaining about now...SO MUCH CUTTING. I know it is worth it. As you can see I know have a cutting wheel, self healing boards and a clear fabric tsquare, all christmas presents from my new husband. He said that is only part one, too, so stay tuned for part 2 I am very excited about it. I love that he learned enough about my crafts to get me good stuff but to also anticipate what I need. So back to the weekender. The green geometric fabric is the exterior and I bought a very girly pinky-green floral for the lining and accents. I think it will flatter the harshness of the geometric. I was toying with a denim because I love blue and green together but when I saw the floral and the price ($4/yd) I could not pass it up. But I have a dilemma with the green exterior. The fabric is reversible and I am not sure which side I like better. You can see the other side below:

So I will keep working on it. And please bare with the pictures. I squeezed these off before rushing to work and this is the best light I had at 7am.

here is my Hooray for Headbands. I am wearing it now. It is my fave already. Headbands typically give me headaches from the squeezing at the temples and cloth ones usually slide slowly off my head but this is comfy and stays put. it was fast and easy. So if you ever come to Atlanta and you see a girl wearing one of these every day, it is prob me.

here is a lovely Key Fob made by Kris and I was lucky enough to receive it with my order of the Velma Bag by Amy Butler. It is so great. Unfortunately I lose my keys alot so I am going to put it on one of the bags I am making right now. So awesome!

I am also hoping to take some pictures of my grand plan cable capelet today at lunch. So I will be back. Also I started a center square hat for a pal last night. Once I get further along I will take some pictures of that too. So much to do, I love it.


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