Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knit Pick Options

I got my Options! Thank you to my loving husband, Garrett. What a great christmas present! I am so excited to use them i am giving myself a much deserved break from he weekender to break them in.
there are all kinds of great pocket that come with the case. I put most of my needles in the triple pockets. 2 sets in one of the double and my 11's and the end caps and keys in the second double pouch. I put my cords in the single pouches. I def have room for some scissors and a tapestry needle in the front pocket and zipper area. The back looks like a great place to keep my pattern and pen. i can make my self a smaller notions bag now because most will fit in the case. So great and clever.The fastening is very cool. You screw on the needle then stick the key in there and, i find, only need to lightly tighten it. maybe a slight turn. Not much. I then tested it with gentle pressure and it didn't budge. You def. do notwant to over tighten, but the threads are so long anyway, only a light key tghtening is called for. sometimes (but rare) my denise come undone at the join, i don't think that will be an issue with these.
Now on a different front. I see the needles are not marked for size so you have to keep your sizer with you. No big deal until you need the needle for a different project. I have divised a clever marker plan. They do sell some at knitpicks but i want to make my own. I have a really good idea but i will have more on that later. it is a secret. Maybe even an etsy secret.


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