Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My new Glamour Mag cam in today and one of the advice article said putting -tastic on the ends of your words was out. Well considering I only do that to my dogs names (they deserve the self esteem boost!) I figure I would put it out there for laughs. And to raise awareness. So- Don't do it, ya'll.

I have begun experimenting with PhotoShop. Here are some pictures I took this morning and then worked some magic on.

I did a Blur effect on the head and a paint stroke effect.

These 2 are the same picture expect I cropped the lower one. I highlighted the pitcher in one and made everything else sort of blurry. I did the same for the cake plate, made it sharp and everything else blurry. The pitcher was a wedding present from Crate and Barrel. The cake plate is from TJ Maxx. So is the head. I go there for all my special kitchen stuff and 'artifacts'. I have a variation of Lao-Tzu from there. I also saw a Vishnu but one hand was broken off so I will wait for another. My sister does some archeology, so I get all her Christmas presents from there. All kinds of busts and nuvo-religious/mythological figures there. And great cake plates! oh and great coffee. I bought real Kona and Blue Mt Coffee, 1 lb whole bean for 6.99 bag last week. It is really good. One of my fave stores, next to Target and IKEA.

This one is just a picture of our amaryllis from the living room. I just cropped it. But I love the white with the red on the bloom. Hope you can see it.

p.s. i have no idea what the hell is going on with my font. It looks fine on preview and the HTMl looks perfect. I am seriously consdiering switching to Typepad if Blogger can't get its butt in gear.


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