Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mrs. Miller

And no I am not referring to my new mother in law. That is me, now and it is weird. I had better hurry up with the doctorate. I had decided many years ago around the age of 10 that I never wanted to be Mrs. Anyone, but Doctor so-and-so. I am running a bit behind because I find myself now with a different last name but the same prefix. Garrett and I married on Dec 13th in Red Rock Canyon outside Vegas. I highly recommend it; it was so easy. However be forewarned, you must tip EVERYONE. As soon as the ceremony was finished the minister came up to us to make sure we understood what his usually "fee" was and that he would be taking that now. I thought "how tacky" but really we are in Vegas. Tacky has a different meaning here. All in all it was great and I could not have envisioned it any better, nor could my bank account.

As soon as I got back I got the flu. I haven't had it in a while and it hit me hard. Since my boss (single mom and friend) will not let me step foot in the office until my fever breaks, I am stuck at home under orders to lay on the couch and drink tea. I am easily bored and can only stand so much holiday cook shows before I get the urge to create something of my own. I would not dream of cooking while sick so I figure sewing is not very active maybe that is allowed. So in my days stuck at home I have made a apron (In Stitches by Amy Butler) and a patchwork bag and matching flower pin. I also made a few more recipe gift bags but they are already wrapped. I hope to get a few more things made before Christmas. I am really looking forward to Monday. I have never given this many, if any, handmade gifts before.

One side of outer

Other side of outer

Lining with my Tag!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My new Glamour Mag cam in today and one of the advice article said putting -tastic on the ends of your words was out. Well considering I only do that to my dogs names (they deserve the self esteem boost!) I figure I would put it out there for laughs. And to raise awareness. So- Don't do it, ya'll.

I have begun experimenting with PhotoShop. Here are some pictures I took this morning and then worked some magic on.

I did a Blur effect on the head and a paint stroke effect.

These 2 are the same picture expect I cropped the lower one. I highlighted the pitcher in one and made everything else sort of blurry. I did the same for the cake plate, made it sharp and everything else blurry. The pitcher was a wedding present from Crate and Barrel. The cake plate is from TJ Maxx. So is the head. I go there for all my special kitchen stuff and 'artifacts'. I have a variation of Lao-Tzu from there. I also saw a Vishnu but one hand was broken off so I will wait for another. My sister does some archeology, so I get all her Christmas presents from there. All kinds of busts and nuvo-religious/mythological figures there. And great cake plates! oh and great coffee. I bought real Kona and Blue Mt Coffee, 1 lb whole bean for 6.99 bag last week. It is really good. One of my fave stores, next to Target and IKEA.

This one is just a picture of our amaryllis from the living room. I just cropped it. But I love the white with the red on the bloom. Hope you can see it.

p.s. i have no idea what the hell is going on with my font. It looks fine on preview and the HTMl looks perfect. I am seriously consdiering switching to Typepad if Blogger can't get its butt in gear.

Monday, December 04, 2006

19 inches

I have been busy but not busy. I have not felt like knitting or sewing at all lately (thus the lack of posting). With the wedding coming and my parents moving, if I am not working on something, I am vegged out. Usually in front of 1)History channel (none of the military stuff, though) 2)discovery channel 3) foodnetwork or 4)Scrubs.

I did, last week, make some little presents for loved ones. Tissue holders found on MonkeyFoot Designs' Blog. More info here.

And I finally took pictures of the legwamers. I settled on 19 inches because I didn't think I would have enough Kid Seta for 20 inches for both. Boy, I will tell ya, that kid seta is a bitch to work with once you get to the endish of it. It has knotted more times that I can repress. I had to make a haphazard bobbin to keep it clean and knot free. I am not sure if I will work with it again, but is sure makes everything SOFT. So maybe I will