Friday, September 29, 2006

In Laws

My Future In Laws are coming in tonite. I took off yesterday to get ready. While i said the guest room was 85% done that did not include putting everything away, cleaning the house (which gets a little neglected when renovating) and cooking. I like to cook ahead so i can relaxe while they are here. Plus MIl is always trying to help and steal my recipes so this way i can have her relax and hide all my recipes before she arrives. Here are some pictures of the guest room ready to go. I love to fill it with fresh flowers, becuase i just love flowers. Some are from my Garden (i have a garden!!). I even set up a Serene area so she can sit and knit (there is yarn and some needles in the green bin ny the leather chair). They are both big coffee people but she likes flavorded and he doesn't so whenever they visit always pick up a sample size of flavored coffee and put it on her pillow so she can enjoy it while he gets regular. Let me warn any of those people who are wondering when they can come stay at my house cause i spoil my in laws so. Once we are married they are sleeping in the yard. just kidding.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I am 85% finished my guest room. I made (yes I made) the curtains last night and they turned out sooooooo well. I am so pleased and excited. I may have given myself a pat on the back.
So hung the curtains and blinds last night. Dressed the bed and hung some pictures. It still needs more but I am running out of time. Tonite, I need to touch up the paint and finish painting the windows. The carpet is still old and ugly but oh well.
I think that the carpet in this room is the very original to the house and the various carpets through out the house are from later periods. It is low pile, brick red and discolored in areas. Now it also has white paint on it all around. We figure if we are gonna replace it soon, why use a drop cloth. But picture this. this room was white with dark brown trim. Now it is a lite gray with white trim, black hardware, silver switch plates, and great curtains. It feels much warmer and I am so happy. I can't wait to finish the rest of the house. I really wish I had taken before pictures of this room.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Now that it is Monday I can, momentarily, take a breath. My guest room is nearly finished. I Only need to touch up paint here and there, but I was able to start decorating! I repositioned the bed (more fung shui) and set up a little knitting area for MIL, so if she wants to knit she can do it without disturbing FIL, if he decides to sleep. Plus it looks cozy. I bought the most amazing fabric at Joann's yesterday, on sale and with coupon. I think it is a brocade. I am so in love. I am making curtains with is tonite.
Plus my Target is moving down the street, so there was a lot of clearance today. I bought a great duvet set for $23.00 that will match the coziness of the room. A pillow, curtain rod and sheet set, so I hope to finish the room tonite. I still have a lot to do before they come.
But I did knit and sew some this weekend.
I started another hat- trying my hand at fair isle/stranding.

A few months ago Garrett and I bought a new sofa from Ikea and it came with really great really boring pillows. Since we have 2 colors of slip covers, I decided to do something different with each color pillow. The blue get a ribbon detail, like this picture (trouble with blogger, pic later). And the khaki pillows will get blue embroidery. I tried to sew the ribbon on, but it was very difficult, so I settled for fusing and will sew later.
I am chugging along on my Chelsea Bag. Slow going as I am caught up on the handles. Plus I was able to rescue my half eaten handle template from Murphy before he did any real damage. I am trace it and make another. I ordered a sewing book for beginners type book and it should arrive today to help me out (i also ordered this- hehe). Plus with help from Kris, I think I can ease my troubles with a satin stitch around the handles. It looks great and probably adds durability.

I have fabric for Nappy and am excited to start that.

I hope to add pictures later when Blogger decides to stop being temperamental.
I finished on wrist warmer from last minute knitted gifts for my friend, Brandi's, grandmom, nana. She has excellent taste in color (it is my fave) and I love working with it. They are going to be really nice. It is Knit Picks shine worsted.
Oh, lastly, I finished Tammy's purse and am super excited to give it to her. But we are going to wait and mail it on the same day. I hope it is after Friday so I can show off to my MIL!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I bite my thumb at you, sir

Chelsea has slapped me across the face with her glove and demanded satisfaction at dawn. The challenge has been accepted.
The Chelsea bag by Amy Butler so far has me stumped but I might have solution. I have cut out all my piece and last night finished the cutting and ironed all the interfacing to the bag pieces. Then I was too cut the handles and sew the folds down. That is the tricky part (pictures to be added later). I can't get the corners down and keep them from fraying. my solution is 1) wait until my mom can look at it or 2) use a Satin Stitch (thanks Kris) like this one. Which actually I really like. It has a nice look to it. Either way, this is a stitch I want to learn, so I will be practicing tonite.
I am making even more progress on Tammy's purse and it is almost there. I think I will finish knitting this weekend.
I am also making progress on the hand towel from Mason Dixon. I am on my 3rd ball and I think this might be the last. It is pretty big.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life in the South

Today is another glorious day and another reason I would rather be home then at work! It is so fall outside!
Garrett got his motorcycle license today. So we are not legal when we ride on his bike! His parents left us a giant home gym and we called Play it again sports to come look at it. We even offered to pay them to take it. Well, those suckers took it alright and paid us $100 for the pleasure!
I am hard at work on my purse for Tammy. Man, how I wish I could post pictures. It looks sooooo good. I can't wait to finish the knitting part. I am making it a little bigger than the patterns calls for but Tammy said she liked medium sized purses. I also bought handles yesterday. I am worried because they look a little big, but I justified it by the fact that with these handles she can carry the purse in her hand or on her shoulder.
I bought material for my Nappy bag yesterday, but was so busy cleaning that I forgot to take pictures (Spot Shot is a miracle).
I also finished my hat and am starting a new hat with a twist. I hope it will work out and turn into my first pattern.

However, I do have some really great pictures to show. Be warned that once you see these you will want it and you can't have it for a while. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kicking Breast Cancer Ass!

Check out how awesome my team and company are!
I work at
SeayCo and am the captain of Team SheCo for the Atlanta 3Day. We have raised over $15,000 so far! We are walking for Bonnie Malmstrom, Wife, Mother and Ninja, who I made the pumpkin hat for. She is totally awesome but she is suffering from, now, terminal cancer. It started 2 years ago with breast cancer. Bonnie thought she had it beat, only to be surprised early this year with the new diagnosis.

Knitting is not cool...

So I can knit in public with Garrett but not at TacoMac. I had never thought of TacoMac as a cool place but apparently it is just cool enough so that if I knit there it bothers Garrett. He doesn't know why but it does. I figured well there is a TV right over my head, we are sitting on the deck with a ton of people, it is pretty loud so we are not going to have much of conversation. I take out the Purse I am making for Tammy (which by the way once your daughter sees this she will be fighting you for it, I hope!). He took on look at it and said "Oh I didn't think you were going to be knitting here". I explained that I have never been very good at occupying his attention when there is a giant TV over my head. He acted as though this was ridiculous and I put my knitting away and we actually had a conversation with the giant TV over my head. I must give him credit. However, we did talk about knitting a lot. And we planned which family members I would be allowed to knit stuff for. His mom, yes. His dad, No. Our friends getting married, yes but only if they are cool looking hats usable for snowboarding. So I am making 2 of these in different colors. And I am using this design but for a scarf for his mom- she is Norwegian.

Hat Progress:
I have successfully picked up stitches and completed one ear flap and decided instead of a braid and tassel that I will not bind off the ear flap and continue it down with an icord and use a cool tassel from one of my Nicky Epstein books.

Still left to work on:
Wobbly Circles- I have really lost momentum on this but hope to get back to it once my guest room is finished.
Hand Towel for Mom- 12teenhundred repeats left to go. I still have 3 balls left!
Knitted Purse- It is going well. Making good progress. I am happy to announce that even though I was knitting in the dark on our way home I did not need to frog once. I only need to get some handles and I think everything else I have.
Making stuff for Sara (pregnant)- ugh no time. Must make time this weekend: nappy bag, hats, and changing pad
this list is making me tired.

I have pictures but blogger is being difficult

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hat Factory

I finished one Hat this weekend and one more is almost done. The Finished hat is the Pumpkin Hat for my friend with cancer. She is going through chemo so she has no hair. I made her the hat with wool of the Andes from KnitPicks. It looks great and feels really warm. I am awaiting pictures from her husband so if you want to see it on a real head, you will have to wait.

The hat that is almost finished is my Kim's Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had to re-knit it this weekend because it was way too big. I adjusted it to the pattern size (80 stitches for women's) and it fits great. I don't understand why my math did not work. But it fits now. I just need to break the yarn and weave in the ends and knit the ear flaps. I ended up changing the colors too. The bottom remains the same yarn but the top is WotA from KnitPicks (love that store).

In Purse news, I am making slow progress. I feel like it is 2 steps forward and 1 back. At least I am going more forward than back. I am pretty sure it is the yarn and not the pattern. The pattern is pretty darn easy. The yarn is just so soft. The pattern does call for a soft yarn (Debbie Bliss CashMerino Super chunky), which I did not go with. I think I chose a softer one and it does feel like heaven but it is difficult. It is kinda slick, in that it is hard to hold the left needle and I can not go as fast as usual. Oh well, it looks great. Here is a teaser and you won't be able to tell anything from the pattern because I scrunched it up, Tammy. But here is proof that progress is happening! ha, victory will be mine.

Friday, September 15, 2006


One day, Garrett (future husband to be) and I were shopping for groceries. I was picking up a jar of applesauce when Garrett said "umm, I don't like it with cinnamon". "Oh", I replied,"but I do". After much discussion we decided to compromise with regular and when I wanted some I could add my own cinnamon (I am addicted to it by the way). Well, the applesauce went in the pantry, forgotten and in the dark. About a week later, I pull out my lunch (made by Garrett, another of our compromises) and start to explore what I was going to eat that day. I pulled out a small container of mush. Puzzled, I cautiously opened it and discovered applesauce, CINNAMON applesauce! Now when ever I get applesauce in my lunch, it always has cinnamon and I always smile because he thought enough to put a little dash of it in my lunch. He's so sweet!

Here is a Needle Book I made for mom (she does embroidery). I used this pattern as a guideline but it was mostly by the seat of my pants

Here is the promised teaser. This is the yarn I am going to finish my Knitted Purse Swap Purse with. No more buying yarn and no more ripping. Cast-on begins at roughly 0900 Saturday.

Here is my Kim's Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It is a little big, as I just tried it on for the first time. Hey I can't be held responsible. I started it last night at the Atlanta In Town Knitters meeting and I was too busy having a good time to notice it was a little big. I did the math. My head is roughly 21 inches. My swatch told me that I was knitting 5 stitches per inch on size 7 and I am using Cascade 220. So I cast on 105 stitches and it seems to be about 20 stitches too many. I am debating what to do. If I frog it won't take too long to knit up again. I may knit a little more to see if I like the green with the brown. I may change the colors up a little. Maybe green, blue then brown. Not sure yet.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chics Rule!

I have found more inspiration online and her name is
Heather Bailey. She makes the most beautiful things, most notable are her Pear pincushion. She has hinted at publishing some patterns in the fall, along with a fabric line called Freshcut for Free Spirit, I hope this pincushion is one of the patterns published. She has some great other blogs linked on her site, that are great and make me wish I wasn't working and could craft all day.

On the needles today: Mason Dixon Hand Towel (still-11 repeats)

Swatch for something for myself (finally), Kim's hats from Last minute knitted gifts. I am making the ear flap version with Cascade 220 in Green Tea, Summer Sky Heather and Terracot (or Terracotta, can't quite make out the tag). It is going to be awesome. I need a good hat. And this looks like fun.
What I need to cast-on for is my Knitted purse swap but I think I am pessimistic about it and feel kinda doomed and maybe intimidated (sorry Tammy, but I promise to give it serious face time on Sat. It is sure to go quickly and then I have to add stuff to it.) I promised a picture of the Yarn and it is in my car right now, so I will get it at lunch and snap a few. It is great yarn.
Next projects are some finger-less gloves for Mom, a silk alpaca next gator, cabled, for Dad, Sock monkey hat for brother and hopefully a wedding shawl for me! Oh well, I have plenty in my stash for all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nice Sweater- Scary Jeans

I received an e-mail from Rowan today showing there new books. I was checking out the patterns when this sweater caught my eye. Then I saw the jeans and almost lost my breakfast. I thought Rowan was trendy. I haven't seen jeans like this since freshman year, when my older sister was still wearing her bangs in a curled circle, that resembled a deployed airbag. Flash backs are not always good. I repressed these fashion memories for a reason. Cute sweater, though.

on a side note, here is the forecast for the perfect crafting day, but i am at work. in a back cube with no clue what it really looks like outside. bonus, i can sneak on blogger sometimes, if i am quick.

Monday, September 11, 2006

One Awesome Weekend

I feel like i got so much done this weeknd (prob because i had Monday off)
Let's see. I started renovation on our upstairs guest room (my future MIL is coming to stay at the end of this month for a bridal shower). here is the story: our house was built in the 1970's and from the exploration and research we have done we believe (brace yourself) that we may be the owners of original 1970's carpet located right in our very own guest room. Carbon dating is schedule for next week but according to the excavation team camped out upstairs, we believe we have a very real artifact. the carpet in the rest of the house has been updated at various times over the life of the house, but i am pretty sure that this carpet original (scary). well, i have primed the trim and painted that walls and for all intensive purposes, exercised the 70's from that room. The carpet will be torn out and replaced but we are going to do the whole house at once. In the mean time we don't have to buy drop cloths.
So also on Sat my new pattern and material a free pattern, plus a tip sheet on a pattern i already received from Kris. That is so great. Now i get presents for buy ing present for friends. That and her great products, just make me want to buy more.
My friend (and my brother;s girlfriend) also gave me a present this weekend. i am now the proud owner of Vogue Knitted Stitchtionary (i will look up the spelling later). she bought for me as a 'thank you' for teaching her to knit. I told her that i would only accept it once i taught her more that one stitch (we have only covered long tail cast on and the knit stitch, and may i add she choose continental while i am english). but she insited and said that was only because she is so busy to sit down and learn more. she teaches high school and dates my brother, so she has two full time jobs.
Oh and Mom and i went to knitch, which always makes my day. I bought more wool. But it is not all for me this time, honest. I bought one hank to make mom some fingerless gloves (though she doesn't know what i am going to make with it, only that she picked out the color. great color too).
I started cutting out for my Amy Butler Chelsea Handbag. I am pretty excited and i think i have some reall y great fabric too.
last but not least, the new Knitty came out today. My internet connection has been so sporatic that i have barely checked it out. Well there is always lunch tomorrow.
My internet connection is acting up again. I better get these pictures on here. I will spell check tomorrow.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Today is Awesome

If I could replicate a day it would be today. I think it is in the high 70's low 80's and sunny and a little breezy but the best part is...It smells like fall! I love the in between seasons. My boyfriend's birthday is in the fall (Halloween) and it is usually nice and a little bit chilly. It was a bit nippy when I walked the dogs this morning. And I loved it.
So I went to Hobby Lobby today and was pratically attacked by some of the coolest yarn in a color I could not turn away. It was perfect for my Knitted Purse Swap Partner, Tammy. The yardage was good and the size was dead on. It is my lucky day. I can't wait to start it, but I am just about finished a round of baby hats for my friends Hannah (she had a baby last year and I am just now making her something) and Sara (who is due with her 2nd child but 1st girl in 6 weeks). I bought an ass load of cotton a few weeks ago when Michaels had it on sale for $1/each. And I need to make room in my cabinet for more yarn that I have no plans for, because Mom and I are going to Knitch tomorrow and you know how it goes when you go to your LYS with you mom "oh you could make something so pretty with this, Oh this is such a good color for you" your can't disagree, its your mom. on the other hand...Well I buy it. What can I say Mom is always right.
but I have a long weekend ahead of me so I am sure once I get that great yarn in my hand, there will be no stopping. Plus now I can take pictures of the original, at least in such away so the pattern is not revealed!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


There are too many choices for Thursday night. Tonite there is Atlanta intown Knitters at Java Vino (was supposed to be Knitch but we switched that to next week), Knitting guild Meeting and Motorcycle night at the Vortex (not my fave, but boyfriend loves it). Friday is even worse. Knitting therapy at Knitch, Free outdoor concert in Covington Square, Football at Local highschool (hey it is cheap and I love football in the fall, even though not technically fall or cool, but it helps me pretend), and...Oh, a funeral. Dear family friend, Ken Sloan. At least hid suffering is over. Maybe I can make something for his family. hmmm.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Can you fall in love with more than one?

Well, let me explain. I don't use drugs but I suffer from addiction. I thought Knitting would fill the void, but now I have added on sewing. And I have several drug deals, who keep me in my fix., and now Monkey Foot Design. Curse these foul temptresses. I want to say no but they make it so easy to say yes, I will take one of those, 3 of those and 2 yards of that. Oh well, I forget my anger when the packages arrive. Curse Amy Butler too. Just cause she makes kick ass patterns and fabrics. Now, can I successfully complete one with my relationship with husband to be intact. That remains to be seen.
I ordered the above fabric today and another Amy Butler Pattern (Nappy) for a pregnant pal, who i am sure could use a very stylish diaper tote. All of these were curtesty of Monkeyfoot's Kris. She is so nice and keeps me informed and then has the nerve to ask me what other material i like. that is like going to your fave store and they always have what you want so you can never just browse but always have to buy (wait why am I complaining? oh yeah cause I am trying to save. apparently not trying that hard). I am spending all my money and i have made anything yet. On top of that, My mom and i are going to Knitch (new atlanta knitting shop) this weekend, so whatever hopes i had of saving a little for later are just going out the window. I can say no now, but my knees go weak when i walk in and see a wall of wool and a corner full of cashmere. soon to be husband says i have a problem. I say, "yeah-its you and you are just jealous of my stash". Maybe the new knitty will come out to day to distract me.

Tips on Nappy- sent from a reader:
I read your blog, and saw you're going to be doing her Nappy pattern..when you do it, read it over a bunch. She has you sewing it up in not an easy way. I changed sewing it up..I think it was turning the whole bag inside out through a tiny space. It's been a year since I made it, so I can't remember what it was, but if something seems very maddening to do, step back and see how you can achieve the same end in an easier way. The bag turned out great, I have made two now. I might have left the bottom open, then handstitched the inside so I didn't have to turn it in such a hard way. Maybe she thinks people don't do handstitching or something.

Thanks for the tip!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Just Click


almost forgot- I ordered these today
They will say "Conjured From Thin Air By GrueneTree"
Ha! I got the idea from Here
May I say this is one of the coolest chics around and she is very inspiring and VERY funny.

Random Dog Pictures: These are my kids. They are the best

Scout (above)

Murphy (below)



One of THOSE days

But don't worry, I hope to remedy it by a trip to Joann's to pick up everything for my Amy Butler Chelsea handbag. Because I have the pattern with me today. It will be awesome. I volunteered for a great project today (like I need another). But this will be fun and for a good cause. My mom's good friend and one of my co-worker's wife has just about every kind of cancer available. She needs a hat and I want to make one. So I choose this. But I will make the stem longer and more pumpkin like and add those twisties that you get on some pumpkins...vines, that's it. Man I so want it to be fall. I love the in-between seasons. It has been overcast, slightly less hot lately, so when I look out the window, I can pretend it is fall. Pull, my man's birthday is in fall, so that makes it extra fun.
Oh, I forgot to add that last week I started my Knitted Purse Swap Project. I am super excited and it will be great. In fact, when it is done I am making a second one for me! Different color though. Not that this color isn't great but I want a change. I am make hers a little bigger and longer, because she likes medium purses and this is kinda on the small side. But the fun part is that it has details. So it is not just knit, knit, knit.
I will post teaser pictures when I get home tonite.
Oh maybe I will get a dress pattern at joanns too!