Thursday, August 31, 2006

Need a Job

My Company is Hiring- If you know C++ and or SQL please e-mail me. Check out the complete job listing here
It is a really great company and the benefits kick ass. We are looking for 4 engineers. Spread the word, please!

WIP and 1 FO

Here are some Pictures of my WIP- Hand Towel from Mason Dixion in Knit Picks Worsted Shine.

Here are some ppictures of My finished (but not yet washed) Knitting Needle Case Pattern Here.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, Currently on the needles are 1) Pocket Monster in Yellow that will have a 2 horn head (pattern from Knitty)
2) Hand Towel From Mason Dixon (if I had my camera I would have posted a picture, but of course I have forgotten it)
3) Totally Awesome Purse for Swapping Partner, Tammy
4) Wobbly Circles, Side 2
The Hand Towel is a very special Christmas Present. I am using Worsted Shine from Knit Picks and it feels like Heaven
The Purse is exactly as describe and will be followed by a second one for yours truly.
Wobbly Circles is driving me crazy but I am making better time on the second side.
And the pocket monster is something I always have on the needles because it is fun and I can work on it at Knitting groups. I am making them and giving them as Christmas presents to all the ladies in my life, because it can get cold in Georgia for a minute.

Projects soon to be on the Machine!!!
Chelsea Totes by Amy Butler. I am starting with these to ease my self back into sewing. It has been awhile. Then.....The Weekender!!!! I am so excited. Plus I am going to Joann's this week to pick out fabric and find some patterns for dresses for some wedding showers coming up. Crafting makes me so calm but I get so excited looking forward to it!

Friday, August 25, 2006

It is Dead!

This could be serious but I have not really been interested in shoes since I started really knitting. Could my shoe fetish be dead- beating down by my stash? Could my future husband be secretly celebrating that, yes, our cabinets are full of yarn but he has gained an inch or will gain an inch (once I donate my now uninteresting shoes) in our closet? Am I really worried about this? No- I am planning my day of knitting and (newly rediscovered love of) sewing day tomorrow. Ha- I don't even need shoes for that.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wobbly Circles

Here it is... picture of side one...soon to be complete. Please stay tuned for side two (which may or may not come after side 1, i get anxious when i get ideas. the funny line in the middle is from one of my life lines. I messed up the upper left circle but it is called wobbly, right. It really like it and i can't wait for it to be done.


I am still hard at work on Wobbly Circles and I took Pictures last night but I haven't loaded them yet. But it looks really good and I am super excited about it. I have some modifications in mind. I am going to stop where the handles start and make my own out of Grosgrain ribbon so I can put it over my shoulder. And I am going to switch up the colors for the second side. I am still indifferent about intarsia. I like parts of it and hate others. But I think the more I knit intarsia the more I enjoy it. I love the look it gives. Next is Fair Isle. I will have pictures of Wobbly Circles tonite.
I am also super excited about my new sewing patterns coming soon. Amy Butler, I am in love with your designs. I am activly looking for fabric right now. I ordered the wekender and the Chelsea Tote. I can't wait to start! I am getting Married in Vegas in Dec and these would be perfect to bring. I love the fabrics, too.

These will make great christmas presents too!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Garden and New Projects

Well, My future husband (weird) and i created a garden! one was already in existance and the other from scratch. It was hard work and last night part of it was washed away due to slightly heavy rains. So we are going to have to fix that tonite for sure. But here are some before pictures and some of a new project I have picked up, Grosgrain Ribbon dog collars.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Current Projects...

Well basically, Christmas. I am making a heap of pocket monsters to give to everyone. I need to learn to make socks so i can make those for christmas and scarf out of my butt. I don't have any pictures, but i will soon. My monters are turning out really well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brittany's New Collar

I know she is a Brittany Spaniel but I didn't name her. My boyfriend did and is sorry to this day about his lack of creativity. But no-the-less I made her an orange and blue grosgrain ribbon collar to match her orange spots. It looks great! and it was so easy. I just don't have the sizing down yet.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Right now I am working on Wobbly Circles, a handtowel from Mason Dixon, a Shawl for my mom, bag for future MIL and baby blanket for a friend. So much to do and my list of to do is so long I won't even think of it right now. I hope to knit a shawl for my wedding but then I have to order the yarn and wait, wait wait. I hate that. plus I have no idea which pattern to pick. I love knitting but I hate my ambition.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wish list: Wobbly circles from Interweave knitting
everything from spring interweave knitting.
wedding shawl (no idea what pattern yet)
Murphy Socks (i have to create the pattern first)

Baby Kimono- Finished

Finally finished and already shipped out. I really hope Baby Camille has not grown out of it yet? The button on the left was really a brilliant mistake. I noticed it and was kicking myself for knitting so late at night. Knitting that late always leads to froging the next day but I do it anyway. But I did not notice this hole until I had bound off. But it than occurred to me that Cousin would need a way to secure that side of the kimono so it would not slip around. And I just happen to have a red button to match the right side. So it worked out. I will have to make more of these but they are not as fast as I had hoped, but easy.

Knitty Coffeeshop :: View Forum - knitalongs

Knitty� Coffeeshop :: View Forum - knitalongs

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tit Bits Knit-A-Long...Anyone, Anyone?

Tit Bits Knit Along... Anyone? I think Tit Bits are so great and I don't see why every woman who has lost a/both breasts to breast cancer doesn't have on or a pair. I am going to start knitting a pair a month starting on the 15th of each month. And as many as I can churn out in October(Breast Cancer Awareness Month!). I will make a different color each time. Each Month, the Tit Bits knitted that month will be giving in the name of a different member (or a person of her chosing) and to the organization of that member's chosing or the next on the list (List will be published once finished). If you are interested, please e-mail and we can work together.

Update: This month I am making A cups, Yarn...undecided.

Knitted Purse Swap

Knitted Purse Swap

I just joined today and i must say i am pretty excited! I can't wait to get started. I hope my partner likes color.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Skein Clutch

I have finished my One Skein Clutch. I love it. I used two strands of Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I used Green and Yellow Buttons that I got from Hobby Lobby. They have a sheen to them. $1.99 for a tube of about 50 buttons. The clutch is a great size. I used 3 rows for the handle and i think next time I will go for 4. I love how fuzzy it is. It took me 3 evenings, So fast.