Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Due to continued frustrations (like today: forbidden to view my site and then denied access to post) I am moving to Typepad. So besure to check me out over there from now on.
Well what are you waiting for? Here

Monday, January 08, 2007


I met my pal, Hannah and her lovely daughter Riley this weekend at Barnes and Noble and among the baby oogling I found some really good books that are now on my wish list. Check them out:
Classic Knits (Erika Knight)
Glamour Knits (Erika Knight)
Simple Sewing with a French Twist (Celine Dupuy)
New Complete Guide to Sewing (Readers Digest)

they all look like so much fun and the reader digest one even had a chapter about tailoring. Now, I have never found jeans that fit perfect (waist too big and hem too long) so I have always wanted to know how to tailor my own stuff. I mean I can sew so why am I paying some else to do what I can do.
so I can't wait to get these books!
so I got an e-mail from a friend from Australia (we have been friend since we were 6) and she sent pictures of her vacations and they are so great I had to share! She, her son, hunter, and her husband wet to Monkey Mia. Her husband took these pictures. He is really good.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knit Pick Options

I got my Options! Thank you to my loving husband, Garrett. What a great christmas present! I am so excited to use them i am giving myself a much deserved break from he weekender to break them in.
there are all kinds of great pocket that come with the case. I put most of my needles in the triple pockets. 2 sets in one of the double and my 11's and the end caps and keys in the second double pouch. I put my cords in the single pouches. I def have room for some scissors and a tapestry needle in the front pocket and zipper area. The back looks like a great place to keep my pattern and pen. i can make my self a smaller notions bag now because most will fit in the case. So great and clever.The fastening is very cool. You screw on the needle then stick the key in there and, i find, only need to lightly tighten it. maybe a slight turn. Not much. I then tested it with gentle pressure and it didn't budge. You def. do notwant to over tighten, but the threads are so long anyway, only a light key tghtening is called for. sometimes (but rare) my denise come undone at the join, i don't think that will be an issue with these.
Now on a different front. I see the needles are not marked for size so you have to keep your sizer with you. No big deal until you need the needle for a different project. I have divised a clever marker plan. They do sell some at knitpicks but i want to make my own. I have a really good idea but i will have more on that later. it is a secret. Maybe even an etsy secret.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Red Baron and his pal, Babe (the blue Pig)

So when I went to hobby Lobby the other day for lining for my Weekender bag, I, of course, checked out some of the buttons (yes, it is a problem and no I am not in denial. I CAN quit anytime I want). I went to peruse the tubes o' buttons and I spotted the best button. At the top of the tube all nice and shiny was a white button with a red plane and the words "Red Baron" embellished on it. I snatched it up right then and there. Looked over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't followed and ran full out to the cash register. Once home I discovered even more buttons to my greatest delight that were hidden among the plethora of black buttons used as filler. Some I have taken pictures of some I have not. But all will be used! How can such a small object bring such giddiness!
oh and check out my lining fabric too.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I am changing my blog. I got real tired of the font never working. So i tried to change to the new blogger but even though the link is up in my dashboard, it will not switch me. So i am slowly making changes and bringing back oldies but goodies. so bear with me

Grand Plan Capelet and Homemade goodies

Here, as promised, is a view of my Grand Plan Cabled Capelet. I am so excited for it to be done. I have been working on it since before the wedding so almost a month now. It looks so good and it is almost cold out so i can wear it soon. It is really fun to make and i recommend it over the plain one (which i made a cardi version for the wedding, but didn't end up wearing) the cables through in some fun so it is not monotonous. plus i love this color; it is my favorite! i did use a KF&B increase instead of the bar because i could not get it to work out without a hole. here i come. Oh and i made these stitch markers. I am thinking of putting them on etsy.

The Month of the Weekender!

In Feb there will be a joint Miller/Krisher Family cruise and if you have never been on a cruise. It goes like this. You board around noon and don't get your luggage till shortly before dinner. So I am making my weekender, finally, so I will have fresh clothes to wear on board. Garrett and I are driving from Atlanta to Valdosta to Miami, picking up his folks in Valdosta. With that long of a drive, I will want to at least change. So I am very excited but I see what everyone else is complaining about now...SO MUCH CUTTING. I know it is worth it. As you can see I know have a cutting wheel, self healing boards and a clear fabric tsquare, all christmas presents from my new husband. He said that is only part one, too, so stay tuned for part 2 I am very excited about it. I love that he learned enough about my crafts to get me good stuff but to also anticipate what I need. So back to the weekender. The green geometric fabric is the exterior and I bought a very girly pinky-green floral for the lining and accents. I think it will flatter the harshness of the geometric. I was toying with a denim because I love blue and green together but when I saw the floral and the price ($4/yd) I could not pass it up. But I have a dilemma with the green exterior. The fabric is reversible and I am not sure which side I like better. You can see the other side below:

So I will keep working on it. And please bare with the pictures. I squeezed these off before rushing to work and this is the best light I had at 7am.

here is my Hooray for Headbands. I am wearing it now. It is my fave already. Headbands typically give me headaches from the squeezing at the temples and cloth ones usually slide slowly off my head but this is comfy and stays put. it was fast and easy. So if you ever come to Atlanta and you see a girl wearing one of these every day, it is prob me.

here is a lovely Key Fob made by Kris and I was lucky enough to receive it with my order of the Velma Bag by Amy Butler. It is so great. Unfortunately I lose my keys alot so I am going to put it on one of the bags I am making right now. So awesome!

I am also hoping to take some pictures of my grand plan cable capelet today at lunch. So I will be back. Also I started a center square hat for a pal last night. Once I get further along I will take some pictures of that too. So much to do, I love it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Now that everything is over (holidays and that silly little wedding) life is getting back to normal. Garrett and I had our reception over the weekend (pictures will appear some time today) and it was great. I saw friends and family that 1) had never met before 2) haven't seen in a while 3) hadn't seen in days. 2 of the guest I started babysitting over 10 years ago. While I don't sit for them anymore, it was great to see them. They live over an hour away and are in middle and high (or almost highschool). I met some of garrets family. Their family is huge and very close. My MIL's friends are family to her and I it was great to met some of them. The party was a great success. It did ran but we rented some tents and ever had valet parking (my parents live in the country so valet consists of kids of friends riding an 4 wheeler to run cars. Everyone thought that was so funny and it was a surprise for me. We also had a margarita machine (more fun for me), keg, BBQ, appetizers out the wazoo and 8 cakes (I made them all myself), half peanut butter and half chocolate. My friend Brandi (and boss) planned the party and she did great!
of course I don't think the reception helped the marriage start off well. I spent most of the time kissing another boy. Brandi's son brought his pal, 6 year old Matthew, and his mom (friend of mine and Brandi's) and he kept asking me the whole time if I wanted to kiss him. Of course I said yes (how do you turn that down!) and he even kissed me right in front of Garrett! Garrett of course was too busy fixing something to care. plus I don't think he considers 6 year olds competition or cheating, lucky for me.
I have not completed anything lately and even if I did, there is no opportunity to take pictures. I wake up and leave just as it gets light outside and get home after dark. I have been working on a Grand Plan Capelet in
Cascade Pastaza in Sprout. I am making the version with the cables. It is about 1/2 done and I made a Hooray for headbands last night and then forgot to wear it today. Pictures tomorrow when I remember my camera.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mrs. Miller

And no I am not referring to my new mother in law. That is me, now and it is weird. I had better hurry up with the doctorate. I had decided many years ago around the age of 10 that I never wanted to be Mrs. Anyone, but Doctor so-and-so. I am running a bit behind because I find myself now with a different last name but the same prefix. Garrett and I married on Dec 13th in Red Rock Canyon outside Vegas. I highly recommend it; it was so easy. However be forewarned, you must tip EVERYONE. As soon as the ceremony was finished the minister came up to us to make sure we understood what his usually "fee" was and that he would be taking that now. I thought "how tacky" but really we are in Vegas. Tacky has a different meaning here. All in all it was great and I could not have envisioned it any better, nor could my bank account.

As soon as I got back I got the flu. I haven't had it in a while and it hit me hard. Since my boss (single mom and friend) will not let me step foot in the office until my fever breaks, I am stuck at home under orders to lay on the couch and drink tea. I am easily bored and can only stand so much holiday cook shows before I get the urge to create something of my own. I would not dream of cooking while sick so I figure sewing is not very active maybe that is allowed. So in my days stuck at home I have made a apron (In Stitches by Amy Butler) and a patchwork bag and matching flower pin. I also made a few more recipe gift bags but they are already wrapped. I hope to get a few more things made before Christmas. I am really looking forward to Monday. I have never given this many, if any, handmade gifts before.

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